About this course

Maritime Law (Wet Shipping) looks at liens, the different types of liens and the different rights they confer on the holders of liens, maritime liens, possessory liens, and equitable liens. In Rem proceedings brought before the Admiralty Court under the Senior Courts Act 1981 against the ship; arrest of ship and arrest of sister ships.

In collisions liabilities we look at the laws of collision, how the laws relating to negligence, and vicarious liability are applied to collisions at sea, Collision Regulations 1960 and apportionment of liability. We continue with our study of collisions and look at Causative Potency with regards to the Collision Regulations and how Causative Potency helps determine liability, and key case law.

Under Salvage, we look at what is salvage, principle and subject matter of salvage, elements of salvage, Brussels Convention 1910, LOF 1980. We continue with our study of salvage laws, and focus on the Salvage Convention 1989, LOF, The Nagasaki Spirit and the SCOPIC Clause.



Core modules

  • Liens
  • In Rem Proceedings
  • Collisions Liabilities
  • Salvage

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a course textbook?

    The following text books are optional but recommended:

  • Baughen, Simon. Shipping law (5th edition). Routledge, 2012

  • What is the format of the class?

    The class consists of lectures, which are usually around 20 minutes each.

    There are also a number of resources, such as end of subject reflection (problem/question) and there are a number of law reports provided to reflect on the learning and knowledge gained from multiple topics, and standalone exams/quizzes, which are not part of the video lectures.

    Course Leader

    Mr. Jae Sundaram

    LLB (India), LLM in Maritime Law (Southampton), Advocate (India), Solicitor of England & Wales, PG Cert (HE), FHEA

    (Formerly Dean of Law)

    Jae Sundaram is a Senior Lecturer in International trade & Maritime law. A dual qualified ‘trade and maritime’ lawyer, Jae practised for a number of years before moving to academia. He holds a masters’ degree in maritime law and taught at the University of Plymouth before moving to Buckingham. Jae is the course coordinator for International Trade and Maritime Law, Law of World Trade, Money Laundering, Offshore Banking & Asset Recover, and Commercial Conflict of Laws, on the LLM programme. On the LLB programme, he is course coordinator for Commercial Law, besides being a tutor for Torts and Contract Law in the LLB Programme at the University of Buckingham.